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Why Organic

Why organic clothes for babies?

No longer is the term “organic” reserved for products such as food, cosmetics, or cleaning products. Organic products which were once consumed by just a few have now moved into the mainstream. Parents today are also more aware of how simple, everyday choices can impact the future of their children.

Although cotton is not grown for food, there can still be pesticides and chemicals used in their production. Cotton crops alone account for a whopping $2.6 billion in pesticides used each year. Fabrics infused with pesticides are often responsible for a wide array of allergies, respiratory ailments, and rashes.

Give your child the best start in life! Protect them for all the external forces of nature. This process starts with the right clothing which is natural and completely free of chemicals. For this purpose, organic clothing is the most beneficial.

Infants and toddlers are in those critical stages of development wherein providing them with immunity is our responsibility. A new born baby, an infant or a toddler’s skin is thin, more porous, less oily and very fragile when compared to those of adults. This makes their skin prone to external infections. With this, melanin formation is also restricted which is the key for protection against sunburns. Also, it is difficult for them to maintain their internal body temperature due to their inability to sweat effectively.

With the baby still in the process of adapting to his environment, any form of external irritant and pollutant can easily make them susceptible to bacteria and other infectious organisms and diseases. This implies that there is a higher level of risk involved pertaining to health for children.

Organic clothes are the answer to all the issues mentioned above. They are made of raw cotton that are neither chemically treated nor genetically modified. Being natural, it is soft and provides for comfort and easy breathing for the child.

When compared, clothes made from cotton with pesticides and other chemicals tend to trap heat preventing the skin from absorbing moisture. This usually leads to skin allergies, rashes and eczema and so on.

Organically produced cotton does not have any form of toxins involved during the process of its production. Here, the common techniques of farming involving the use of pesticides are not followed. Instead, safer practices are implemented like the rotation of crops, weed removing (and not using herbicides), hand hoeing, using insects that are useful for removing the unwanted in the crops etc. Thus, it also aids for a better soil, good working conditions with the outcome completely free of toxins.

More so, the longer fibres in such cotton have the ability to stretch as the child grows to make it durable and long-lasting. It is best recommended for all children with/without sensitive skin to have those wonderful childhood years which they can cherish throughout their lives.

We, at Funkoos, know that your child is the most precious to you. Thus, we offer alternatives that are the best for your children and their environment. We provide our customers with fabric that literally “breathes” and feels soft and easy on the tender skin of their little ones. We believe that our endeavour would surely contribute to the change in the way shopping for baby clothing is perceived.